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Feb 6, 2016
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Below is the CDC guidelines for testing for corona virus.

This is in part my own theory on corona virus. I have read and heard it mentioned in other's research, but not wholly.
Corona virus has been around for a long time. Right? Back in 2005, there was the H5N1 that the Obama administration dealt with, inefficiently, I might add. A vaccine was never produced for human inoculation, to my knowledge. That virus is still active today and has been lumped in the same category as seasonal flu. For which many people, including myself, get vaccinated each year for the seasonal flu. I think, even the common cold is some form of corona. So, if you have recently had some sort of respiratory illness, cold, flu, pneumonia or some other odd ball ailment, or have recent or yearly influenza vaccinations, how could you not test positive for corona antibodies?


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