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The sister of one of my wife’s classmates died this week. She tested positive, 3-4 days later was having trouble breathing. She went to the ER, was admitted and put on a vent. Three days later they turned it off. She had two young girls and before she passed she was able to call them and tell them goodbye.

For anyone who still believes this is anything like the flu, I challenge you to come up with a true story that horrific. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who died of the flu.

I'm very sorry for your loss. I knew a guy in his 30's who died from the flu, and several older folks. It's an apples to oranges comparison - not because you can't recall someone dying from the flu - but because of where medicine is in regard to each malady. We have decades of modern experience with the flu, having developed vaccines, and we've studied multiple strains to know how they infect and attack their host so we can prevent death. We have none of that with COVID. We know the elderly and the compromised are more susceptible (which is not surprising) and that men are more likely to die if infected. It is of no comfort to those who have suffered personal loss, but death rates are declining and they will continue to decline. Once active individuals are first vaccinated, it will greatly reduce transmission rates.

In Alabama, about five percent of the population has tested positive for COVID (228,373 or 1 in 21). There have been 3,451 deaths in the state (1 out of every 1,429 residents in the state, or roughly a 1.5 percent death rate of those infected). Given our networks of friends and family in the state, it's unlikely we all haven't been affected by this pandemic. All methods of dealing with a pandemic have been critiqued by many, the science behind some approaches are dubious, and some steps have materialized without any scientific basis.

The entire circumstance has been politicized, and there's no putting the genie back in the bottle on that. Limiting international travel was criticized on the left, but quarantine requirements for interstate travel were championed. Shutdowns were then morphed into requests to completely bail out the flawed finances of high-tax states, in similar fashion to the scope of Puerto Rico's post-hurricane bailout request. We'll never fully extricate politics from major domestic and world events, but on occasion it's important to get back to the data - without neglecting the personal pain and loss that many have experienced.




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but on occasion it's important to get back to the data - without neglecting the personal pain and loss that many have experienced.
Completely agree with this. If you do not do this then it is just whoever can argue the best. Just a lot of talking and rhetoric. I am not interested in what a news agency or politician tells me or has to say about this. Show me the studies and the data or go away. I do not even want you to interpret the information in the study. I can read.


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Hats off to the stores for telling people to calm the fuck down this time. I don't blame them. Stores and their suppliers can't survive another March 2020 level of panic hoarding. It's like to some people, March 2020 was the time of their lives. I personally don't ever want to relive that month again.


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Thanks everyone. He's 25, military, and plays for an amateur football league. I am not overly concerned about him making it through this, except I'm dad so I worry like any dad. I know people in much worse shape who had much quicker onset and much worse symptoms who made it through fine.
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