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All I could find was the SEC recommendations as of 10/12 so this should be what we are working with http://a.espncdn.com/sec/media/2020/SEC Task Force Recommendations Fall.pdf

Page 10 is where we are with Saban. Note that a second positive test would lead to him quarantining for 10 days.

Asymptomatic individuals with a positive COVID-19 RT-PCR test will be placed immediately into isolation. Within 24 hours of receiving the results of the positive PCR test, the individual may receive a second PCR test at the direction of team medical personnel (test to be administered by PAE).

If the 2nd PCR test is positive, this will confirm an active COVID-19 infection.

If the 2nd PCR test is negative, the individual should receive two (2) additional PCR tests 24 hours apart administered by PAE. If the individual has three (3) successive negative PCR test, and remains asymptomatic, they may be released from isolation and medically cleared to return to athletics activities only. The individual should also return to the surveillance testing program. Contacts associated with the exposure, who are in the SEC’s surveillance testing program, may be released from quarantinefor athletics activities only.


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Day 2 after test positive...still no fever or alarming symptoms...I have a little sinus congestion that is normal for me this time of year...still doing the precautions, but I’ll be going out and cutting grass and doing some yard work when the dew lifts, driving me nuts looking at it. Should be the last cut of the year. 😀


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I have to cut mine minimum every 10 days in summer. Can go up to 6 weeks the rest of the time. I am the corner lot at the bottom of a hill. Stays nice and moist for a long time after rain and the grass loves it in places. I just run over it all to keep it even. All my neighbors have people come do their but as long as I am able to I will do it myself.


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Isn't it that 1 positive test requires three straight negative tests to overrule it?
If Saban tests negative today, tomorrow, and Saturday morning this isn't a discussion any longer.

There is nothing set in stone for the weekend.

FWIW, as far as the team and staff as a whole, there were no new positives as of mid-day yesterday.


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It's been a decade since he was a DC. Even then, his defenses weren't that good. Personally, I don't understand the 'love affair' some have with Strong because I can't find the endearing qualities.

Considering how much Tito works with the quarterbacks and offensive game plans he seems like a logical choice to me.

My fear with Charlie Strong is that he might end up on the list of coaches like Mike Stoops and Bo Pelini . Great DCs of the 2000s, whose tactics are antiquated.


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Tested negative more than once, has completed his isolation time, and he's been cleared to travel. But Les Miles says, “There is too much still unknown about this virus for me to feel 100% confident I won’t transmit it to someone who comes into close contact w/me on team charter, hotel or at the game Saturday,”
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