PRO Coverage of Bama guys in the NFL, 18-19 season..

Can anyone believe the Saints have 170 yards if offense against the Boys with 2 mins left? I knew the Boys had a good D, but geez. With all the weapons the Saints have, that tells you anything can happen.
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Notice one certain Alabama player not pictured? Julio was not a happy camper after that game.
Hump put some hurting on him and Ridley! Hump got a foul on one hit he did on JJ but it show it wasn't one. Helmet to Helmet was the call, but it look more like Helmet to shoulder pad hit.
It wasn't targeting but probably should have been defenseless receiver, but yeah Hump had a great game. Julio did torch him multiple times, though. Offensive line was just horrendous and Matt missed him on multiple deep throws. He also had some drops which is unusual. That whole team has just fallen apart.


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Derrick Henry is a man among boys...

And the coolest thing is that right before this, Rashaan Evans stuffed Leonard Fournette on fourth and goal at the one.
Even though he's not a player, he was recently promoted to OC and has been turning a LOT of heads with his playcalling and scheming. Plus, he's a former Bama boy anyway...

That first game against Atlanta after he was named OC he threw literally everything in the playbook at them. They did a double pass, reverse pass, flea flicker, Wildcat, etc. I was shocked.

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