PRO Coverage of Bama guys in the NFL, 18-19 season..


Riding The Wave
Speaking of ex Bama guys, Atlanta better figure out the OC issue soon. Sarkisian is stinking the place up and has picked up right where he left off in that miserable attempt at coordinating and managing Mattie Ice. Is this guy showing up for gameday under the influence? It would seem to me that if you're going to throw the franchise fortune at Ryan you would run the offense that suits him best. Dan Quinn must have visions of Seattle rattling around his brain and he is almost succeeding, if that's what you want to call it. Matt Ryan will look like a SuperBowl QB if he can spread em out and hurry you up. With Ridley added to the arsenal why run an offense that doesn't fully expose the talent they have? At this point, I would rather see the Falcon's team that lost the heartbreaker to the Patriots than this poor man's imitation of the Seahawks.
This should've been a game-sealing INT by Ha-ha with the Pack subsequently kicking a FG to go up 8 with less than a min to go. But, vikings somehow navigated a TD and 2 conversion to tie it, now in OT. Still a ball-hawking play by Dix...


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