| CURRENT EVENTS Color me shocked at this latest 60 Minutes "edit." If you've wondered why people buy into "fake news," here's your reason.


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And I'll mix a little sports here as well. How often have we seen articles quoting someone from the athletic department that were out of context? In other words, only including a sentence of a paragraph? (PravdaSports.com is an open domain name. 🤔 )


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Media is all about click-bait these days. They don't care how fake it is, as long as it generates click-traffic. The ones that have china in their pockets more than the rest are the ones that refuse to retract after being shown to be fake as a rubber chicken.

The others retract several days later after the fake story has already gotten 50 bajllion clicks and shares (intended damage done, and in some obscure page that no one reads. If it's a fish-wrapper, it's like in the last page of the classifieds.

And then you have hard leftist journo-activists STILL TO THIS DAY regurgitating the "Good people on both sides" fallacy long after it's been thoroughly debunked, and the "Orange Man" (bad) has been out of office for 3 months.