| NEWS College Football Playoffs 2018-'19: 1)Bama 2) Clemson 3) Notre Dame 4) Oklahoma


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My prediction?



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If I were voting, Yes I'd put Georgia in at #4 and leave ND out - but that won't happen for a multitude of reasons.

What I expect:

1) Alabama
2) Clemson
3) Oklahoma (avenged their only loss)
4) Notre Dame (dropped due to sitting at home)

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Forget about the committee for a second and let's just look at this. After last night, it occurs to me that Georgia is probably the second best team in the nation. Yes, it was a home game for them. Yes, Tua has really been playing hurt for several weeks and it caught up to him. Etc., etc. But you have to give it to them. Georgia is a great team.
When I look at Notre Dame, their big signature win was supposed to be Michigan. Well, turns out, Michigan isn't that great. ND has no conference championship and they haven't beaten anyone particularly impressive. Clemson has a conference championship and is undefeated but where is their great signature win? They barely beat TAMU, they barely beat Syracuse, and they got to play Pitt for the conference championship game.

If this thing was reasonable, and Notre Dame gets in because it's undefeated, then ND should get the 4 seed and we should play Notre Dame in the first round. Clemson should have to play either Georgia or Oklahoma in the first round. Will that happen??? Probably not. We're going to end up drawing Georgia again or Oklahoma and Clemson will have another cake walk game to advance.
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