| NEWS College Football Playoffs 2018-'19: 1)Bama 2) Clemson 3) Notre Dame 4) Oklahoma


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OU and it's easy. They avenged their only loss to a top 20 or so team. Not only did did hOSU lose to an unranked team, it wasn't even a contest. Then they got lucky against an unranked Maryland in OT and looked pathetic against another unranked and terrible Nebraska. Don't let the destruction of Michigan blind your eyes to how hOSU looked this season. Michigan was statistically the #1 defense in the country but what great offenses had they faced?


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I'm kindly with @Trob on this one! I can't see UGA getting in! Why would the committer want to see Bama vs UGA again? We may be seeing Clemson vs Bama for the fourth straight years?


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Two loss, non-conference champ UGA vs 2 One Loss conference Champions. Not sure that is going much of anywhere. Were there to be no other one-loss conference champions I could see it. Hell, after overcoming the deficit they did to Memphis without their starting QB does UCF get some love even though they haven't played any good teams?


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Not sure how this plays out but the do say the 4 best teams. Maybe only if it is close between teams do they look at other tie breakers like conference championship, bad losses etc... Glad I am not on the committee.


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Herbstreit thinks Jawja will move to #3.

So... Georgia LOSES, and moves UP in the rankings ? hahahahahahahahaha



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I think ha could get in but not after the game okie had. They struggled to start but put it together and won. I think the committee will want to see the Heisman trophy winner play us. Ga. Had thirt chance and, literally, squandered it.
1. Bama
2. Clemson
3. Notre Dame
4. Ok.
There could be an argument made for Clemson to be 1 and us 2. I don’t think it would happen but, ya never know!
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