| FTBL Clay Helton is out at USC

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I could see James Franklin there, he has had wandering eyes the last 2-3 years. They could do much worse than Fickell, but I bet they'll go for an offensive guy. Could O'Brien get a call? Certainly if not likely, but when he took the Bama job word was his goal was to get back into the NFL (that could have changed though, and USC would be a good job for him if he wanted it).


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No calls have been made. No coach is going to change jobs at this point.

Please I was not insinuating a change during the season. Bohm was the AD at Cincy so it would not surprise me if he has at least spoken to his agent. They were ready for this. Coaches on the current staff will be auditioning the rest on this season. Some think Harrell will get consideration.
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