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This is why him not getting more playing time has been perplexing. Assumed CNS knew something we did not.

I do think he has looked like he was playing as fast or as quick as he had prior to the accident but still had looked good. He is about to get his shot. Hope he is indeed 100% and just needs that chance to get it back in high gear. We need him to contribute at a high level.
And hope he doesn’t get hurt....


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I do not see it happening personally if Bama were to lose in SEC championship game. Heck at this point we still have to beat the next 2 opponents. Bama needs to focus on Bama and simply work to get better. Losing depth at RB will not help matters. I have been wondering about Trey Sanders and what was up with him, I guess we are about to find out. I did see one play yesterday where he whiffed pass blocking. Maybe that has been the issue. I have just been assuming that he was not back to his pre accident self.

They have said he isn't 100%. That's why we see him here and there in the season. Get him some work, but nothing to regress his progress.


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College Football Playoff Top 25​

1. Georgia10-0
2. Alabama9-1
3. Oregon9-1
4. Ohio State9-1
5. Cincinnati10-0
6. Michigan9-1
7. Michigan State9-1
8. Notre Dame9-1
9. Oklahoma State9-1
10. Wake Forest9-1
11. Baylor8-2
12. Mississippi8-2
13. Oklahoma9-1
14. BYU8-2
15. Wisconsin6-3
16. Texas A&M7-3
17. Iowa8-2
18. Pittsburgh8-2
19. San Diego State9-1
20. NC State7-3
21. Arkansas7-3
22. UTSA10-0
23. Utah7-3
24. Houston9-1
25. Mississippi State6-4


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Who lost more recently? Who dominated most of the game played between them? Who has the worse loss as it stands? It will figure itself out. You'll see both lose atleast one game or two. Although it would be amazing if one beat Ohio State.


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Adam McClintock's analysis based on the committee's formula.

Alright #CFBPlayoff viewers. Lets go through this week's poll. Once again, it was, as it always has been, predictable. The model was off an average of 1 spot per team for the entire Top 25 poll this week. So let's take a look at some resumes shall we? #CFB 🧵

If you took a peak at this projection yesterday, you were prepared for alot of what you saw last night. The resumes are all laid out very similarly to the way the Playoff Committee views them. #ThereIsNoEyeTest

25 #HailState 6-4
SOS: 29, QW: 4, T25W: 2, GC: 3.3

Despite the horrible game control at 3.3, MSU snuck its way into the poll. They modeled at 26 so this isn't all that surprising. They are riding their good SOS, 4 QWs, and 2 T25Ws at this point. No surprise.

24 #Houston 9-1
SOS: 125, QW: 2, T25W: 0, GC: 18.1

The cougars modeled at 24 so this is spot on. Why'd it take so long for them to get to this point in the poll? That SOS is just bad. The 2 QWs did get them in this week though and their GC is good at 18.1
23 #Utah 7-3
SOS: 57, QW: 2, T25W: 0, GC: 11.9

The #Utes resume is ok. Just ok. The SOS is lukewarm, they have 2 QWs which is ok, no T25Ws, and a relatively low GC. They modeled at 20, so this is maybe a skoosh lower than expected. But not enough to be a surprise.

22 #UTSA 10-0
SOS: 130, QW: 2, T25W: 0, GC: 19.6

The Roadrunners modeled at 23, so why so low? Their undefeated right? Just look at that SOS. That's about as far as the committee got too with this resume.
21 #Arkansas
SOS: 44, QW: 2, T25W: 2, GC 8.0

#WPS modeled at 17, so they may have the largest gripe in the poll this week. I suspect that low GC number could have something to do with them not being quite in the Top 20 yet. Rest of the resume is Top 20 worthy historically.

20 #NCState 7-3
SOS: 48, QW: 2, T25W: 0, GC: 13.3

The Wolfpack just stayed in the Top 20. They are here because of that SOS & marginal GC. They'll most likely hover around here the next few weeks. They modeled at 22.

19 #SanDiegoState
SOS: 112, QW: 3, T25W: 1, GC: 10.9

How do the #Aztecs find their way inside the Top 20 and the Roadrunners still undefeated are outside? Look at those 3 QWs and 1 T25W. That's the same thing the committee sees. They modeled at 21 so no surprise here.
18 #Pittsburgh 8-2
SOS: 115, QW: 1, T25W: 0, GC: 20.8

Wait a second. Why is #H2P ranked ahead of SDSU? They only have 1 QW right? Look at that GC. Its one of the better ones in the poll. That gets them here. They modeled at 19 so no surprise.

17 #Iowa 8-2
SOS: 75, QW: 3, T25W: 0, GC: 8.4

The #Hawkeyes continue to hover around this spot. Why don't they move up? Their SOS continues to slide, and their GC is on the low side at 8.4. Those 3 QWs will keep them in this spot though. They modeled at 16 so no surprise.

16 #TAMU 7-3
SOS: 33, QW: 2, T25W: 1, GC: 11.5

#GigEm modeled at 18. This is mainly why #Arkansas may have a gripe. Very similar resumes, but the Hogs have the H2H. No matter tho.The Aggies will stay just outside to Top 15 for now, but have the chance to move up with that SOS.

15 #Wisconsin
SOS: 12, QW: 4, T25W: 1, GC: 11.6

The #Badgers are going to get a lot of leeway for that poor GC because of the rest of their resume. They modeled at 14 so this is right where they belong according to the process in place.

14 #BYU 8-2
SOS: 69, QW: 4, T25W: 1, GC: 8.9

BYU modeled extremely closely with Wisconsin. That one extra loss by the Badgers has them behind the Cougars for now, but that may change going forward as the Cougars SOS starts to slip. They modeled at 15, so right on.

13 #Oklahoma 9-1
SOS: 109, QW: 2, T25W: 0, GC: 15.5

The #Sooners got the WF treatment for losing last week & they fell well outside the Top 10. They modeled at 13 so this is spot on. W/ a SOS that bad, the GC & QWs have to make up for it & they just aren't there right now.

12 #OleMiss 8-2
SOS: 27, QW: 3, T25W: 2, GC: 10.7

OleMiss has poor GC, yes, but the rest of that resume is golden. That is what has them where they are. They modeled at 12 so this is exactly as the process prescribed for the Rebels.

11 #Baylor 8-2
SOS: 62, QW: 3, T25W: 2, GC: 15.5

#SicEm has a very similar resume as #OleMiss, worse SOS (not bad though), but much better GC. That is what has them above Ole Miss right now.

10 #WakeForest 9-1
SOS: 70, QW: 3, T25W: 1, GC: 15.6

The #GoDeacs SOS continues to rise, so does their QWs. As it does, their resume will continue to look better and their ranking will continue to rise. They modeled at 10 so this was on target.

9 #OkState 9-1
SOS: 43, QW: 3, T25W: 1, GC: 15.8

The #GoPokes modeled at 8 so this is right where they land according to the process in place for 8 years. If they continue to win, they'll continue to rise. SOS is good, GC is fair & they have multiple QWs. Good shape.

8 #NotreDame 9-1
SOS: 38, QW: 3, T25W: 1, GC: 13.8

The #Irish have a very similar resume as OkState. Only reason they are higher is that SOS is slightly better. That's really it. Its that simple. Modeled at 7 so this again is spot on.

7 #MichiganState 9-1
SOS: 92, QW: 2, T25W: 1, GC: 12.1

The #Spartans modeled at 9, so this is more off than usual but still not surprising. Their resume is worse than NotreDame and Oklahoma State, but that one W vs Michigan is keeping them afloat. Another loss & they'll tumble.

6 #Michigan 9-1
SOS: 49, QW: 4, T25W: 1, GC: 18.6

#GoBlue is ever so close to jumping Cincinnati. They actually modeled to do so this week being modeled at 5. Keep a close eye here. The Wolverines resume is strong.

5 #Cincinnati 10-0
SOS: 123, QW: 2, T25W: 1, GC: 23.0

The #Bearcats SOS is horrid & continues to slide. Their GC is one of the best in the poll and will keep the conversation interesting, but they will most likely stay on the outside. Just not enuf in that resume w/out help.

4 #OhioState 9-1
SOS: 85, QW: 3, T25W: 0, GC: 26.1

The #Buckeyes SOS will continue to take leaps and bounds & they continue to have the 2nd best GC in the poll. Good QWs & have the opportunity to add T25Ws. They control their playoff picture.

3 #Oregon 9-1
SOS: 107, QW: 3, T25W: 1, GC: 12.7

#GoDucks is holding on to that 3 spot just so slightly. The #Buckeyes although losing the H2H to Oregon has a schedule that will allow for a much better resume. Watch OSU jump Oregon in the next few weeks. If chalk holds.

2 #Alabama 9-1
SOS: 72, QW: 2, T25W: 2, GC: 26.0

#Bama's SOS isnt great, but its ok. They have 2 QWs, 2 T25Ws and one of the best GC numbers in the poll. They are solidly here and have the opportunity to earn the 1 seed if they win out.

1 #Georgia 10-0
SOS: 39, QW: 5, T25W: 1, GC: 31.1

#UGA has once again the best resume of them all. They can afford a loss & still comfortably make the playoff, that's how good the resume is.


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Notre Dame is up 55-0 on Georgia Tech. It's pretty safe to say, based on this seasons results, they'd have won the ACC this season—would definitely be in the ACCG.

This could be a missed playoff spot: a 12-1 ACC champ would be in the playoff with the name Notre Dame.


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That's an honest Top 4 right now. You could potentially interchange Michigan and Ohio State depending on their game, but out of those five teams you have the best four once their game is played. There is a clear line between the Top 4 and Notre Dame.


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Notre Dame may well sneak in again. My fear for a few weeks now. And get creamed.
I hope not. They will get destroyed by tOSU or Jawja. I'm personally tired of seeing them in the playoffs. The talking heads are saying BAMA's road has been filled with close wins on a weak schedule, but there is no way ND or Cincy play our schedule and have their current records. Both lose at least 3 games and are not even in the discussion. Reminds me of the debate surrounding Boise St, TCU and several other schools of years pass.


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As always, this will work itself out over the next few weeks. That being said, the Big 12 could be an issue if we lose to Georgia. I don’t expect Michigan to beat Ohio State, don’t expect Ohio State to lose the Big 10 championship game, that locks them in. Georgia is a lock, leaving two spots. Michigan goes away after Saturday, that leaves Cincinnati (they could lose to Houston but not likely), Bama and the Big 12 champ. We need to find a way to beat Georgia, even if we lose close, I am nervous.


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Bama controls their destiny. Do their job and win and they are in. If not well they do not deserve to go. In my mind it is that simple. At this point they need to focus on improving but doubt there is going to be this magical fix in the areas we have struggled. Will that be enough to beat both the Barn and UGA? Could be but we will find out for sure starting Saturday. One game at a time.


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First, we have to beat the barn. If we lose that game, the only way in will be to destroy ga. Then, I think if we barely beat ga, they are still in and we could draw cincy. ga would draw tOS and we would face the victor of that game. Makes me nervous as heck too. But, if meatchicken beats tOS, all hell is going to open and it’s going to be chaos!
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