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CFP committee says no minimum games for eligibility

The College Football Playoff will look normal, so to speak, this season. However, there are changes in terms of criteria according to the committee.

In the era of COVID-19, college football, as well as all sports, made necessary adjustments to play and have seasons. This season, with everyone playing different amounts of games due to their respective conferences and cancellations due to COVID-19, the College Football Playoff committee announced no minimum of games to be eligible for the final four.

The committee released a statement via a Q&A on Sunday.


“There is no minimum game requirement to be eligible for the College Football Playoff,” the committee announced. “The selection committee's job is to select the top four teams beginning November 24 and continuing through the final rankings December 20. The number of games and wins by each team is certainly important in weighing its ranking, but it is not the only factor.”

Conferences such as the Big Ten require a minimum amount of games to compete in their conference championship (six games). But, with the CFP’s non-requirement for minimum games, teams could hypothetically be a 7-0 conference champion and make the playoff.

In the case of Ohio State (4-0), they have three games remaining on the schedule after their game against Maryland was canceled last week. If Ohio State finishes the season without any more cancellations, they’ll be 8-0 (with all wins) and a Big Ten title.

Compare that to a team like Notre Dame, who has three games remaining, plus the ACC Championship should they get there. In one scenario, Notre Dame could finish 12-0 before the final rankings are revealed.

An 8-0 Ohio State and a 12-0 Notre Dame would be weighed equally in terms of criteria. The Buckeyes won’t be penalized compared to Notre Dame just because they play four less games.

However, some many argue how a team like USC has enough juice to make the playoff. USC is 3-0 but the Pac-12 only has six regular season games for the conference title game. The Pac-12 was hit hard by canceled games already and USC can finish a maximum 7-0, if the play all of their games.

However, the committee said the conferences are not ranked, the teams are ranked.

“The committee ranks teams, not conferences,” the committee said. “The more games played, the more chances a team has to prove itself to the committee. If the committee feels the 7-1 team has more quality wins despite one loss, it will factor that into its rankings. If it feels the 3-0 team's undefeated start is more impressive, it will factor that into its rankings. The protocol and the 13 members will continue to assess the teams and use what they have seen on the field week after week to rank the top twenty-five teams.”


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If osu didnt play another game. They would be in..
There is lovein the air when it comes to Osu and Fields


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