| CURRENT EVENTS Between Arch committing and the SCOTUS ruling on NY's concealed carry law, yesterday was one of the more intriguing days online.


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Admittedly I've spent far too much time online the last week—nine days to be truthful. One of those damn "summer colds" has kicked my ass. You're still functioning, ya know, but you can't be around folks when you're coughing; uncontrollably at times. It feels like I'm on the back end of all this crap this morning. 🤞

Admittedly, I've been far too entertained reading and watching reactions to yesterday's SCOTUS ruling. I'm not sure which, or whose, comments/opinions left me scratching my head the most. Toobin's, perhaps?

(Pro tip: The best time to watch Twitter is the first two hours after a story breaks. It quickly becomes an echo chamber as compared to those first few hours where opinions are somewhat original.)

So imagine you decide to take a break from the news for a minute and seeing, "Breaking News: Arch Manning commits to Texas."

Again, the first few hours are good. They aren't as rich as yesterday's political opinions but they certainly are equally misinformed. Ill-informed?

Changing subject, slightly.

I hadn't heard about Alito asking the NY lawmaker if "a guy was a janitor and had to walk home at night through a high-crime neighborhood would he qualify for a permit?" (sic) The answer was, "no."
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