| FTBL Bama player Elias Ricks arrested


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There's no escaping driving without insurance. That's the "WTF are you thinking" question that bears repeating.

The weed, it's merely a headline. And everyone is jumping on "he was arrested for weed." There's no way he's going anywhere with no insurance. Car? Towed. I'd bet that's their biggest "money maker" when it comes to fines, restitution, and renewal. I know the insurance company is going to tack on top of his dues simply because it lapsed.

It is THE headline ...
May be a small issue hitting a bong while you’re driving at a high rate of speed. Have to ask, how did they suspect he had herbs unless they smelled it?


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That's just wild.

I was at a house in Yeaman's Hall watching a crew work on a new build less than an hour ago. They are using field stone for the front porch. This type of work:

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I watched them pull up, pull the bag, all five of them smoke.

The owner of that place also owns an establishment that's the oldest of its kind in both the city and state. They didn't care. It's just that commonplace. Those that smoke, smoke. Those that don't, don't. They're not hiding anything from each other.

I think it's just partly everyone in my friend group that used to partake just doesn't any more for a good long while for various reasons. Add that to my lungs being severely scarred up I probably would exit stage right as soon as I saw anyone light one up at this point anyway. Same with cigarettes, though.
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