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That's outstanding. He gets the security of guaranteed money, and the team locks him in at current rates. Win-win.

I love the sheer joy Humphrey displayed at Bama after a big play. INTs and that little over-the-shoulder catch of an onside kick, and he's on cloud nine.



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Marlon has done a lot better than I thought he would. He was a big time five star recruit that had his moments in Tuscaloosa,but was very vulnerable in my mind. He has just excelled in the NFL, and that makes me happy. Congratulations to him.


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Good luck Hurts! I’m very surprised also. Their coach has said all week Wentz is their man. Could this be a move to try and quell the fan base? They have been calling for him to get a chance. Can’t wait to see how he does.

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Should be the Philadelphia Vultures. The fans will be feasting on his carcass (to them) if he doesn’t have a performance reflective of his collegiate accomplishments.

I hope Jalen lights it up and has a long prosperous career.


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Damien Harris rushes for 100 yards tonight. Solid game for him. Sucks for the Pats that Cam was out and they had to rely on Hoyer and Stidham. Ouch.

And same song 4th verse for the Falcons. 3 points in first half. Julio and Calvin combined for 4 catches and 32 yards On 7 targets. How much longer can the coach keep his job?Been asking this for 2 weeks now. Awful product on the field.
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