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Do you remember the first person who started using CB with Eddie? It was over on the TS forum, wasn't it? @Sgt. Lincoln Osiris

I was shootin' the shit with a few friends the other day, one being a Packer fan, and he was talking about watching the game with Henry recently. He said something about his favorite running back in Green Bay history being Dorsey Levins and I asked, "Eddie Lacy?" His response?

"Ol' Circle Button?"


Damn, ya know? "Where did that start" was my first thought...and I'm thinking it was a tag just like HTW and the acronym with Ingram.
Yeah, it was me. LOL.

I sorta kinda coined that acronym.

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I haven't watched any NFL games in some time, just Bama player highlights here. I went and saw the play where Mahomes got hurt. It was a simple scrape and fill by Mack and Mahomes hit the crown of his helmet on the turf. Not anywhere in the neighborhood of a dirty play.
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