| LIFE At its worst what things couldn't you do during the lock downs?

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Initially, having to search for some basic food items and systematically stocking up on dry goods in case things really went sideways. My wife gave me some guff over me buying a 15 pound bag of rice from Costco. I told her that if we ever had to eat that rice we'd be grateful, and if we didn't I'd laugh along with her. We never ate the rice.

I missed seeing family, family get togethers, worship and such, and an initial inability to grab a bite or a drink somewhere. After a short while, protocols at many Kennesaw and Pell City restaurants were limited or essentially nonexistent, so after the first bit, we went and did as we chose, settling for smaller venue live music shows.

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Having grown dirt road poor once I started a family of my own I made sure there was 3 months of food around. Have had a 30k gallon water purifier for years. I didn’t miss anything except masked people with fear behind their eyes when I did venture out.


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Not a lot, really.

I go "out" once or twice a week. I was still able to when the bars were "closed." The first few weeks we bought kegs of beer from a bar so that all worked out pretty nicely. When that was gone we were some of the few allowed to drink the rest of the beer at the bar(s.)

It didn't bother my social interaction, my shopping, or much of anything.

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My job! I wasn't able to teach during the fourth quarter last year because we were all sent home. Yeah, we'd put some work up in our Google Classrooms, but still...That's nothing like the real thing.


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Going to shop for our food. Our daughter or one of the grandkids did it for us. By the way, Back to doing this again Not been out of the house since coming home. .

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