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BBQ chicken,potato salad,baked beans,and cold time you're at the Wall-Marks buy some Lillie's BBQ sauce and the flavor is called is a vinegar base sauce and it is cost 5.84 for 20 oz but it is well worth the bucks. TenBears recommended this to Lone Watie and myself and he was spot on. I know it is hard to trust a guy with a ponytail and wears blue makeup but give it a try.
it is a vinegar base sauce and it is great.
If we're talking about the same sauce that's a tomato based, isn't it? It's a western north carolina flavor as I recall (hits send and heads to kitchen.)
Looks like Walmart may have it packed for them. Their labels are different.

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At 68 I do believe I have tried them all and this brand is the best that I have used. It is similar to Dreamland but without the're too young to remember Twix-Tween in Centerville but this is very close to their homemade version........


It is similar to Dreamland but without the Hotz...
It's funny you mention that--it's the reason I came across the brand in the first place.

A friend of mine in Tuscaloosa used to inject his fried turkeys with Dreamland's sauce. It's a unique, and I believe pretty damn good flavor.

A friend here...he and I were talking about frying a turkey last year and I mentioned what we'd done in T-town. The local/neighborhood meat market carries Lillie's and that marked the first time I'd tried their sauces.

Their Ivory isn't a bad rendition of an Alabama white. Their Bourbon Barrel for a pulled pork sandwich ... ain't gettin' any better than that one.

**On a side note, while I don't eat chips often (other than Mexican food)about the same time I had a conversation about BBQ sauces with the manager of the convenience store down the street. She swore by Lillie's Carolina Dirt BBQ chips. She gave me a bag and they met expectations. I haven't been able to find them in stores around here yet...she'd gotten hers (bought a case) from a store in Kentucky.
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