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Car post. I took photos of photos, so i’m Sorry for the quality. Two of my Dad’s old race cars he used to run mainly at the old Dixie Speedway in Midfield. The photo at the track was his second car, my Mom was not happy with the hauling ass moniker. Mike, you mentioned an old ‘40 coupe, this one was my Dad’s. The two tone ‘66 Chevy II Nova was my second car, we had matching 71 and 72 Chevy stepsides, and that’s me w/Dad w/his ‘65 Impala. Model A touring sedan and pickup, only have the pickup now. C4B44704-9FA1-4D5C-A5EA-78433B266237.jpegD2D76966-A8F6-4C83-90F9-56616EF8BA92.jpeg25859F37-A94A-42F2-B5AC-02E175DEDF2C.jpeg5AA816AF-D2C3-4D5B-B483-F4C0A8F4EB6A.jpeg76A84E3B-EFB5-4837-B44E-ECD085D4331E.jpegAC61A013-5F24-4C7B-B63C-F2073E63B522.jpegC145C046-36BF-4954-9E46-3FE9E557D138.jpeg

It Takes Eleven

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I used to do it in the dirt. Bought one of these, Yamaha YZ 125 in 1976. It was the first year for the mono shock.
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I went from the minitrail 50 at 5, to the Honda Trail 70 at about 8, to a Yamaha Enduro 125 at about 11 - looked a lot like the one above, loved that bike - and ended my last two years of riding (14 through 16) on a Honda Elsinore 250. That was an incredible bike for its time, it maintains a cult following. You had better been forward and braced when you goosed it. My Dad told me the day I turned 16 that my motorcycle was going to disappear, and he held firm. He let me ride it on the road enough to get to a local farm I worked on. Other than that, it was running logging roads and pipelines/power lines. He always said - motorcycle vs. anything - road, ground, tree, car - you always lose. I had some pretty nice wipeouts but luckily never broke anything while riding.

My Elsinore looked about like this one:



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@It Takes Eleven, Yeah, those Elsinores were great looking and fast. Used to have a friend with one, I think it was grey silver. We would meet up at the slate dumps and race around a make shift track. His was a 250, mine a 125. He would tear me up on the short straight, but I would catch him on the tuns and curves. I could slow down quicker and make the turns and curves a little quicker than he could. Dirt bikes are a lot of fun, but like your Dad told you, they are very dangerous. I had my YZ only about 3 years or so, but later in life owned and rode 2 different used Honda CR 125's. The last one I think was a 1987, bought around '98 or '99. I lived very close to a power line and several old logging roads. I would ride alone mostly after getting home from work for an hour or two. Finally at about the age of 46 in 2002, I came to realize If I were to get seriously hurt off in the woods somewhere, it would probably not end well. So I sold it to a friend from work. Like you, I was thrown off several times, but never hurt badly. I did go to the doc in the box once to get my ribs x rayed , but turned out they were only bruised. I never rode a 250, I'm around 5'7 and weighed around 145 to 150 range. My 125's were very fast and powerful enough for me. Like riding a dang rocket.


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