FTBL Anonymous coach critical of Jarrett Stidham's game: 'He doesn’t want to get hit'

Auburn appeared destined for its first College Football Playoff berth late last season after defeating two No. 1 teams in November. Despite losing two games in the regular season, there’s little doubt the Tigers would have become the first team to have multiple losses and still make the four-game Playoff due to the fact no team was hotter in all of college football by the end of the regular season.

Of course, that was before Auburn met Georgia for the second time last season, this second time coming in Atlanta and away from Jordan-Hare.

Entering the 2017 SEC Championship Game, Jarrett Stidham was on a complete tear. Auburn’s signal-caller was completing his passes at a remarkable 73.4 percent over the previous four games with an eight to one touchdown to interception ratio. He threw for over 200 yards in each game, and the Tigers were never threatened despite playing two top-ranked opponents.

That hot streak failed to continue against Georgia and Stidham threw two costly interceptions in the Peach Bowl in Auburn’s embarrassing loss to UCF. The Tigers went away from the run in the bowl game and left it up to Stidham to deliver a win; something he obviously failed to manufacture.

If you believe the comments from an anonymous coach that spoke to Sports Illustrated, the reason being – teams began to figure Stidham out. According to the unnamed coach, Stidham is affected by the pass rush and tends to lose concentration when pressured. Here’s what the coach had to say in regards to Stidham:
There’s still a lot to be desired with quarterback Jarrett Stidham. Facing a rush, his eyes come down: He gets nervous because he doesn’t want to get hit. If you’re bringing pressure—or even if you act like you are—he’s going to see it and it’s going to affect him. People caught onto that at the end of the year. In its Peach Bowl win, UCF did a great job of pressuring him.​

Is it fair to say teams “caught onto” Stidham when he had such a hot November? If that’s accurate, you have to wonder why Alabama didn’t catch on to this weakness. It should also be noted that Stidham was injured and had to have offseason surgery to his non-throwing shoulder, which likely affected his performance late in the season.

We’ll find out soon enough if these comments hold true, as Washington and LSU are certainly going to test this theory early in the season with the Tigers breaking in four new faces on the offensive line.



All of this amidst rumors about Stidham and back issues.

One thing I found amusing were the headlines coming out of their first scrimmage. Auburn's 247 site proclaims "Stidham electric in practice." Sounds great, doesn't it?

Then I read...

"If you could see the scrimmage, you would think he's practiced every day since the spring," middle linebacker Deshaun Davis said. "They made some big throws down field, protecting the back shoulder. He was very accurate today. He looked good in the pocket. I think we probably would've sacked him a couple times, but the coaches they were letting him get some downfield throws. When they were able to get the ball off, they were able to complete it. So hats off to those guys. On defense, we've got to play better, but the back shoulder throw in college football — or any level of football — is a hard throw to defend, and Jarrett can throw it perfectly."

Petrino 101--hold the defense back than talk about how good the quarterbacks look.
What we know is Bama couldn't sack him and the kid made most every throw under pressure against the Tide. You would have thought Coach and Pruitt would have picked up on that underneath pattern that they complete 20 times.

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He doesn't have much of an OL this year. He will be hit...And hit a lot. Regarding Clemson in another thread about being a villain of college football...Well, Venables gave the rest of the college football world the blueprint for beating the barn. I imagine it will be more closely followed this year.
Plus AU had a hell of a run game...couldn’t sell out to get to Stidium cause the run game would kill you...
He made some nice plays vs Bama ...but still If Bama had any Offense...any at all..
during the game....to put pressure on him...
And the injury sustaind to their #1 back probably had an affect on the UGA game th next week by not having that threat


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I will say this in ANY QBs defense and as an old QB myself. We don't like to be hit!! We like to stay upright and not be slammed to the turf over and over again. We want to keep our uniform clean. I don't want to go through my throwing motion and smash my hand or thumb on a helmet.

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@bama alum, You think if Clemson catches Auburn in late October, or early November, of last fall they still come out with a win?
Like @UAgrad93 said, the barn doesn't get their mojo/deal with the devil going til mid-season. Last year's Clemson, in mid-season form, I can only give you a maybe. We easily disposed of them (with a month's rest). NC-title team Clemson? Maybe, maybe...Clemson with DeShaun Watson? Yes. Last year's secret to success was a QB who could both throw and run, that and a RB who doesn't clap for the ball for inexplicable reason.

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