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Hey guys, this thread is for our pets in our lives or ones from our past, or any animals.
Some of you may watch Animal Planet on tv as I do or watched Wild Kingdom from
many years ago. Pets and other animals probably play or have played a large part in
our lives. So this thread is for pictures , videos or stories about our pets or any animal.
This video is about a wildlife rehab center ( zoo ) in Alaska.



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Here's a myth buster for you (that was intended for the pic thread but then this thread was started...)

A lady that owns the house across the street from mine was big on this last year claming that laying moth balls around her house would ward off the snakes. Understand, while I've already seen three or four this year they've all been ok snakes (as much as they can be possible.) I've laughed, silently, thinking "if they're bothering you, leave 'em alone."

Welp, to prove my point about the moth balls ... and no, it wasn't at her house.