FTBL An Early Look at the Offense for Next Year

I know it's early but now I can't wait until THIS FALL!!!!

Left OT - Leatherwood? Elliot Baker, Matt Womack, Evan Neal, Scott Lashley, Tommy Brown may all compete
Left Guard - Deonte Brown? Will he be allowed? What about Chris Owens, or Scott Lashley? Might Pierce Quick be competing?
Center - Chris Owens? Emil Ekiyor?
Right Guard - Chris Owens? Alex Leatherwood?
Right Tackle- Jedrick Wills - others will be backups
TE - Miller Forristall, Kedrick James
H Back - Major Tennison, Kedrick James.
QB - Tua, Mac Jones, Taulia
RB - N Harris, Brian Robinson, T Sanders, J Ford
Z Receiver - Ruggs, X Williams
H Receiver - J Jeudy, J Waddle, Ch Townsend
X Receiver - D Smith, Tyrell Shavers, Slade Bolden

Kicker- Maybe Bulovas sticks with kick offs, but hopefully Reichard takes over FGs and extra points for the next 4 years - he's already on campus.

Obviously I don't see Irv Smith staying, and Jonah will leave.

Left Tackle is a definite question, and it's always a big deal getting a new center. Would love to see guys clearly have their positions nailed down by the end of spring.

We don't add a lot of depth to the WRs, who are great, of course. Enjoy what we have this fall - the NEXT year will get interesting unless the NEXT recruiting cycle adds some superstars - we didn't get any this year.

I don't see any freshman making a major contribution this year, even with the skill players. Sanders will play I am sure, but no one else pops out to me.

Tua with another year with the receivers will be amazing, and our RBs will be beasts. The key will be getting this OL together, as the only sure returner is Wills, and even if Brown gets to play in the fall, Leatherwood will probably not return at right guard. Key will have to do good work (IF Key doesn't leave the program!!) The good news is there is certainly a lot of depth from many of the OLs being in the program, including the weight program, for a while now. Guys just have to step up. Hopefully we can continue to get good production from the TE position - Irv Smith spoiled us this year.

What say you guys?
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We need to throw the checkbook at Jeff Stoutland.

I would love to have him back, but we need Pendry to evaluate the talent for him. From what @TerryP has said. Stoutland could coach up the talent that Pendry brought in, but couldn't evaluate it and determine if the guy was going to be good enough to transition from HS to College. We had some fall off with quite a few guys not panning out with Stoutland I think Pendry's early retirement was because of all the travel and time with recruiting. He is who we really need, but he is working with one of those new AAF "pro" football teams. We should hire them both and let Pendry evaluate/scout and Stoutland recruit and coach.
The O is going to be filthy next season.... RB will be something to watch, other than that we pretty much know how it's going to play out. TE the only true question mark

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