| MBB/WBB đźŹ† Alabama Wins the SEC Tournament, 80-79 over LSU


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Just catching up on the comments. I was unable to watch the game today due to a family event. Tried to keep an eye on things occasionally. I am sure it was much less stressful that way:). Glad to see the team close it out. Congratulations and Roll Tide!!!!

I did go and catch the highlights post game. I did not realize Bama was down by one point with 29 seconds remaining. At the end looked like Jones was just not going to let this team lose period. What I saw from the highlights looked like both teams were throwing some hay makers. This game took a will to win and mental toughness!!!! Great traits to build the program around.

Now on to the next one. Better get ready for Iona. I pretty sure we have the talent and depth advantage but Pitino's experience forces the team to stay focused and not sleep walk or assume it is going to be easy. No idea what Iona's teams strengths are but Bama just needs to prepare the right way period and come ready to play.
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