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Let's look at the Titans use of Henry. 260 rush attempts across all 10 people who have a single attempt. Henry has 219 of them. That is 84.2% of their rushes by one man. The next person is the QB with 8. Last year he only accounted for 72.5% of their rushes and 68% the year before that. He was on track for almost 500 rushes in the regular season. Even steel will break if you apply enough pressure.

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Yep and the most impressive thing to me is, he takes a ton of punishment... players have to lay the wood to get him down, many go right for the legs/knees. He rarely fumbles and hardly ever gets injured. Like a damn cyborg.

I put the hoodoo on him... he goes out there, fumbles and gets injured. Allow me to take this time to say, Bo Nix never throws 4 interceptions against Texas A&M...
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