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Oct 27, 2006
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When former Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore gave the go-ahead for a Red Elephant Club to be established in Tuscaloosa, he nor anyone else could have imagined how successful it would be. Moore worried that those in Tuscaloosa were too close to The University, inundated with information, and so the chapter would not be successful, i.e. provide enough money for athletics department endowed scholarships.

But as we have known for decades, those who get the most want the most. That club has already endowed two scholarships for the athletics department and is well on its way to its third with more than a half million dollars in contributions.

In the formation of the Tuscaloosa chapter it was determined that a president would serve two years.

The first president was Chuck Sittason, who actually served three years, from the founding in 2007 through 2009, which was Nick Saban’s first national championship season at Alabama. The second president served 2010 and 2011, another national championship season. President No. 3 was 2012 – another championship season – and 2013. No. 4 (2015 national championship) and No. 5 (2017 national championship) kept the streak alive.

Pity my friend Joe Hocutt, the most active and dedicated member of the club who took over as president in 2018. That year the Crimson Tide won 14 consecutive games and was ranked first in the nation before going to Santa Clara and losing to Clemson. So near, and yet… And 2019 by Saban at Alabama standards was a near disaster, two losses, the second ending any hope for Joe to keep the Tuscaloosa Red Elephant Club Presidential Charm alive.

So three losses in two years had me thinking about how that had affected the Crimson Tide’s winning performance in the last five years, a period of two national championships, but, to paraphrase Seinfeld’s soup Nazi, “No championship for you, Joe!”

These days I find myself thinking much about Southeastern Conference competition, and my research (which really was just mathematics) brought no surprise.

Alabama is still king of the conference.

In the past five years, Alabama has an SEC record of 36-4 (not including SEC Championship Game wins over league members Florida in 2015 and 2016 and Georgia in 2018 or the College Football Playoff victory over Georgia in 2017). Bama was 7-1 in its eight regular season SEC games in 2015, 8-0 in 2016, 7-1 in 2017, 8-0 in 2018, and 6-2 in 2019. The Tide’s winning percentage in that five-year period was 90 percent.

(For the entire 13-year period of Nick Saban as Alabama’s head football coach, the Crimson Tide has a record in SEC regular season games of 89-15, a winning percentage of 85.6 percent.)

Georgia has the league’s second-best conference record from 2015-19 at 30-10 for 75 percent.
LSU is third, 29-11 for 72.5 percent.
Florida is fourth, 27-13 for 67.5 percent.
Auburn is fifth, 22-18 for 55 percent.

Texas A&M is sixth, 21-19 for 52.5 percent.
No other SEC team has a winning league record over the five-year period.

Mississippi State and Kentucky are tied for seventh, 18-22 for 45 percent.
Tennessee and South Carolina, tied for ninth, are both 16-24 for 40 percent.

Ole Miss and Missouri are tied for 11th at 14-26 and 35 percent.
Vanderbilt at 10-30 and 25 percent is 13th and Arkansas at 9-31 and 22.5 percent is 14th in conference wins over the past five years.

CollegeFootballNews.com did a more expansive national study also for the same five-year period, which showed that Alabama was fourth in the nation over the past five years in its conference winning percentage.

Almost no one would be surprised that the beast of the ACC, Clemson, is tops in that period with a 38-2 conference record (95 percent).

Oklahoma (41-4 and 91.1 percent) was second for its Big 12 record and Ohio State of the Big Ten was third (40-4 and 90.9 percent).

CFN also showed us how the major college football teams in Alabama rank. Alabama, of course, was tops with its 36-4 record and 90 percent success rate, and Bama plays in the SEC Western Division. The differences in conference competition compromise some comparisons.

Second best winning percentage over the past five years comes with an asterisk. UAB did not play football in 2015 and 2016, but its record in Conference USA in its three years of competition is 19-5, second best in the state at 79.2 percent.

Troy, playing in the Sun Belt, is 26-14 and third at 65 percent.

Auburn in the SEC West is fourth best in the state at 22-18 and 55 percent.
South Alabama of the Sun Belt is 11-29 and fifth at 27.5 percent.


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