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It Takes Eleven

Quoth the Raven...
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Coach Saban takes his Powerful Pachyderms on a field trip to the sodden confines of Ben Hill Griffith Stadium Saturday afternoon, and Dan Mullen’s Giant Water Lizards lie in wait. Marauding Mastodons are not light on their feet when they’re bogged down in a marsh, but in the end, the Tide finds its footing and takes home a souvenir gator skin trunk.

Leonard’s Loser – Florida by 21

Bama 41-20


Extra Point Club
JoseyWales, I hope your prediction is wrong. I like the win but could not stand a second consecutive year of nail biting with the Gators. Wish all our linebackers were healthy, but still believe we have too much talent to lose to these guys. They will score but not as much as us. I see it Bama 38, Gators 21.


Extra Point Club
42-13 Bama wins walking away. Last week was a statement by Coach Saban to his players. This week will be a statement by Coach Saban to all outsiders. (Fans, other teams, etc.)
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