| FOOD A new study filed in connection with a lawsuit against Subway has failed to find any tuna DNA whatsoever inside Subway's "tuna" sandwich:


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Subway is junk that I don't eat, but it gets a lot of grief in a joking way that people take seriously. It isn't "bread" because it has more sugar than Irish law allowed, meaning it is more like US white bread than what anyone else says is bread. And I find it doubtful Subway makes their own tuna. It is entirely possible they are buying the cheapest stuff possible from China though, which would be their fault. All in all, there are less meme reasons to not eat there, like the fact that it is mostly empty carbs and fats that will not help your health at all.


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Haven’t had Subway in 3+ years, at least. And vowed to never eat it again. That said, I was out way too late in Paris one night about 5 years ago. Only place still opened that served food… Subway. The bread for that sandwich was off the charts delicious. Beat white/French bread I’ve eaten. Better than all the stuff at Italian restaurants etc. I ordered a loaf as I left just to take back to the hotel to enjoy the next day. I can assure you that bread didn’t have any old rubber from tires in it!

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The best sub chains*...

1- Jersey Mikes
2a- Firehouse
2b- Wich Wich
4- Schlotzsky's (more of a sandwich than sub but they deserved a slot)
5- Jimmy Johns
6- Blimpie
Whatever last place is- Subway

*Places like Publix subs, Jason's Deli, etc. not listed (or more regional places like Earl of Sandwich).


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I’m a sucker for Potbelly. But my favorite is a deli in NY just down the block from the BofA tower. Guy makes me a tuna on Ciabatta bread with all the toppings I like. I’ve eaten it five days a week some weeks when I working there. Over the past 14 years, I don’t think the price has even been exactly the same. And I order the same thing every single time. Like a good Mexican restaurant, fluid pricing.

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