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When we've come across issues here with members, more often than not it boils down to an IOS system. PWA's is the latest example.

As you guys know the site here is already fully responsive (mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet, et. al.) You've probably seen a few ask if we had an app for the site. We haven't because the site if already responsive.

But, with more and more visiting via mobile it's the perfect time to take another step. That's the PWA aka Progressive web app.

Progressive web what??

Okay, let's back up a little. Imagine a technology that allows a web site to appear and behave like an app without having to produce native code for each platform, or go through any vendor's App Store equivalent.

With the next update here we're expanding our support for these standards by making RollTideBama installable, implementing more graceful offline handling, and adding support for the badging API.

Additionally, as with push notifications, these features are only available on devices and browsers that fully support PWAs. Would you care to take a guess as to what the most notable exceptions might be? As you may have suspected, once again Safari on macOS and any iOS-based browsers are the culprits due to Apple's ongoing failure to implement industry standards. While Safari on both macOS and iOS does support graceful offline handling, it does not support installation or badging at this time.

@50+yeartidefan told you I didn't have time on my hands. :rolleyes:
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