| NEWS A College Football Playoff change is looming, and a 12-team model leads the way


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Clemson with the exception of the last 8-10 years is the same as the Barner program. Not a traditional power program in my view. Decent to good at times (when they throw money around) but all over the map otherwise.


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Corral had 11 INTs in 2 games last year. Ouch
Arkansas and LSU. He tore Vandy a new one last season; three incompletions, six touchdowns as I recall. He finished the season a little better than 2:1 (TD to INT.)

That Arkansas then Auburn run was weird last season. Lane's play calling was a lot of dink and dunk. LSU comes around to close the season and he's testing their DB's: a talented group who under performed last season. It's my opinion he'll be a top three conference guy this season in yards and TD's.


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They were on the national stage last year in the regular season against Ohio State and got beat! It was getting out of hand until a late push by Indiana. Life doesn't care about what your enjoyment may be, so why should a system like college football? The nanny state, man. This is no different than everyone getting a trophy. If Indiana wants to be overjoyed, do what it takes to win your conference. Got news for you, if you can't beat most of your schedule and win your conference...you most likely aren't good enough to win the Natty or be a part of it.
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