| FTBL 8 of the 14 coaches want to SEC to continue its eight game schedule. ~ Mark Stoops

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I understand their pain. I think every school should be “war gaming” all scenarios or at a bare minimum lain out the bones for it. The issue won’t be resolved publicly until the newbies get here and their vote included as well.


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Don't want to lose another game? Be better at your job. Or, at least, be better than the other coach.

It really is that simple.

Is Alabama supposed to apologize for hiring the best coach in the country? Did we apologize for hiring the best coach in the country when Coach Bryant came back to Alabama? The answer for both of those is "NO". But what's different is back then, nobody was whining like little bitches about how good he was or how good his teams were. They just tried harder to beat them. Now, you get whiny little babies crying about how difficult it is and how adding another conference game will mean 1 more loss for 50% of the teams (which is absolutely true, but why cry about it?) and how coaches get fired all the time. Well, all I can say is be better at your job so you DON'T get fired. Win another game somewhere else.....or maybe you can go coach high school football.

Also, coaches will cry about how difficult it is to recruit against coaches like Coach Saban. The thing is, a lot of good players were passing up on Alabama because they weren't a contender, anymore. And those good players didn't want to go somewhere where they wouldn't have a shot at a national championship or even a conference championship.....or even a win against their biggest rival. But Alabama fixed that issue and is now a top target for many of the best players coming out of high school for the past decade+.

So if you want to get better players, again I say be a better coach and start beating teams that people wouldn't normally think you'd beat. Go out and throw down 40-50 points on a team like Oklahoma or OSU and hold them to 20 or less. That will get some attention. But the hard part isn't winning that game. The hard part is keeping it up. Do that on a consistent basis, and you're job becomes infinitely easier (in a way). From then on, you can pick and choose which players you want to come play for you.
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