| RECRUIT 5-star EDGE Keon Keeley will visit Alabama this weekend


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Correct, I was attempting to make that point. And I'm sure all of the big dogs host, no doubt, you just wonder what their schedules look like with more commitments from NIL. We already know their schedules are swamped, so I'd like to know the extra workload put on them to make that extra money.
I think nothing really has changed compared to previous years under Saban, NIL or not. I think All NIL stuff are to be taken care of before the season start, so players can focus on season and etc. I know Young has podcast and I'm suprised he didn't do much of that this summer... I just don't think they really have lot of extra work... Saban has 1 rule: Focus on your job... no distractions.


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The ND fans in the replies though….. SALTY!!!
I was listening to a podcast last week with a ND "insider" who said if they lost two recruits—Keeley and one other whom I can't recall—they would have a "Charlie Weiss type class."

News flash. IF you lose two recruits and you think it's a Weiss type class...it's already a Weiss type class.


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Dawg fans been talking about flipping Justice Haynes, but these words don't really show that being possible.


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