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I would like to see Jon Rahm win just because he got shafted at the Memorial
The golf gods at work this past weekend, eh?

SAN DIEGO -- Whether it was destiny or karma was of no relevance to Jon Rahm. He won the U.S. Open on Sunday at Torrey Pines, the perfect time and the perfect place to become a major champion.



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The finish plus the money

Raham wins 2.3 million

Oosthuizen wins 1.350 so that birdie on 18 for 2nd alone was worth apx 500k

JT tied for 19th (125K). He was at -2 coming into 9 (par 5) and hit is 2nd shot over the green then failed to birdie. Then he shit the bed on10 with a double and he was done. These last months since the Player's haven't been good for him at all.

JT results this year



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DeChambeau said all you got to do on that course to win was hit it far and get it as close as you can and hope for a good lie if its in the rough. That didn't work out so well for him yesterday. Maybe he was distracted.

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