| MBB/WBB đźŹ† 2021 SECW Tournament: Comeback Falls Short for Women’s Basketball in SEC Tournament Quarterfinals


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They can't handle UofSC on the boards. They've outrebounded the ladies on a 5 to 3 clip in two games.
I knew that first part of the game would be key. Won 3 out of the 4 quarters, but that start was killer. Great try though ladies and for fighting.
Rebounds: 55 - 31 in favor of UofSC in yesterday's contest: 5 to 3. Bama doesn't have the personnel under the boards.


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Bama doesn't have the personnel under the boards.
I only watch the program from afar, but it seems her on court coaching is solid while her recruiting is... not.
I don’t know if we’ll ever compete with UConns or USCe, but I would hope there would be a risk if they played Alabama.
UofSC is on track to have the best recruiting class in the nation, let alone the SEC. You do mention a point here I think needs to be emphasized.
USCe is a top team, no doubt. Do you think Kristy Curry has a future at Alabama? Has she improved the team enough to keep her job? She came in highly touted, but has she lived up to expectations?
In a word, she's lived up to my expectations. Those were based on Texas Tech, not Purdue.

It's my opinion that reputation was built at Purdue where she took over a roster that was loaded. It wasn't her recruiting that led to her record it was a program that was already on solid foundation with great personnel and great recruiting classes on their way. Texas Tech saw the coaching but didn't pay much attention to the recruiting. She was .570 at TTU overall, .397 in conference play.

Her record in Tuscaloosa mirrors her record in Lubbock.


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Do not follow Ladies sports as much but someone in this thread mentioned the UGA coach. Did not realize she played at Bama. Maybe it is time to for momma to call her home to T-Town. As a head coach she as 116–63 (.648) record.

Current Bama coach - 131–116 (.530) record at Bama. 130–98 (.570) record at Texas Tech and 179–51 (.778) record at Purdue.
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