--CURRENT EVENTS “Marines stand guard during the Minnesota Vikings game over an empty seat

The POW/MIA Chair.

Good story, but not-so-good source. (I try to avoid sources that state their bias outright!) Here's another article about it, from the Vikings website in 2016:

POW/MIA Seat at U.S. Bank Stadium Delivers Emotional Tribute

LSU has one of these too, they just debuted it in November. I wonder if we will see it spread to other stadiums.

Good gesture from both teams. Never really understood why the military and sports are so intertwined in America (my Irish coworker was actually the first person to point this out to me and make me wonder about it!), but I still think it's a nice gesture and a solid way to remember those who largely go unnoticed (POW/MIA.).

Feel bad for the guy having to stand there, but it's certainly an honor. Plus, he's in a dome instead of that awful Minnesota weather, so that's a plus! :D
Oooh Rah!!! The large majority of Marines I served with and active duty military I currently support are very active and as a result follow multiple sports closely and support them. It's a shame that the NFL had the whole protest going on during our anthem that means so much to our military members. I've only watched part of 1 game since they started that.

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