Basketball Looking ahead to the SEC tourney: Could Bama get a "double-bye" for this years tourney?


Bama tied for third with a 8-5 conference record. Bring on the SEC basketball tie-breakers...they can get a bit confusing.

Remaining schedule for the top six in the current SEC standings:

AU- @ SC, Bama, @ UF, @ Ark, SC
UT- @ UGA, UF, @ Miss, @ State, UGA
Bama- @ UK, @ AU, Ark, UF, @ A&M
UF- @ Vandy, @ UT, AU, @ Bama, UK
Mizz- @ LSU, Miss, @ UK, @ Vandy, Ark
Ark- A&M, UK, @ Bama, AU, @ Mizz


I had to look this up because it got a little confusing to me this morning. If you didn't know it's the SEC basketball tie-breaker procedures. Considering there are five games left it very well may come into play.

Teams will be seeded No. 1 through No. 14 in the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament bracket based upon the final regular season Conference standings. Teams that finished No. 1 through No. 4 in the final regular season standings shall receive a "bye" on the first and second days of the SEC Men's Basketball Tournament.

Two-Team Tie
The following procedure will be used in the following order until the tie is broken:

  1. Won-lost results of head-to-head competition between the two teams.
  2. Won-lost record of the two teams versus the No. 1 seed (and proceeding through the No. 14 seed, if necessary).
  3. Coin flip by the Commissioner.
Three-Team Tie (or more)
When three or more teams are tied, the following procedure will be used in the following order until the tie is broken. If two teams re- main tied after a tiebreaker provision, the two-team tiebreaker formula will be used.

  1. Best winning percentage of games played among the tied teams (Example: Team A is 3-1, Team B is 2-2 and Team C is 1-3 - Team A would be seeded highest, Team B second-highest and Team C lowest of the three).
  2. Best winning percentage of the tied teams versus the No. 1 seed (and proceed- ing through the No. 14 seed, if necessary).
  3. If two teams remain, coin flip by the Commissioner.
  4. If three or more teams remain, draw by the Commissioner.
For the purpose of seeding, if an institution is precluded from participating in the tournament, such institution will automatically be seeded last. However, for the pur- pose of breaking ties, that team will remain where it finished in the regular-season standings BEFORE being seeded last.


A few weeks ago there was mention of St. Louis hosting one of the SEC basketball tourney's. I thought the idea was stupid at that time and I'm still not in favor of the idea. (They had one in Florida a few years ago that was a total failure when it came to ticket sales, fan participation, etc.)
That post is from Feb. 7th, 2012. Six years, nine days later and we're looking at a SEC tournament where any of nine or ten teams could win the whole thing--and it's in St. Louis. I still have a very hard time calling Mizzou a southern state, much less a southeastern state...but yet, here we are.

And I still think the idea of having the tournament in the midwest is a stupid idea.


'cause small minds can't see past Uranus...
And Tampa in 2022.

Nashville, Birmingham, or New Orleans would be my vote as the cities it should rotate through.


By my quick calculations, if we're going into the tourney today with four teams tied for third place:

Record within tied teams (versus Auburn for tiebreaker.)
UF 2-1 (TBD)
UA 1-1 (W)
UArk- 1-1 (L)
Missou 1-2 (L)

Bama would play as a 4 seed on Friday versus the game four winner (Mizzou vs winner of UofSC vs Vandy game Weds.)

Auburn would have one hell of a tough row to hoe ... they'd face the winner of A&M vs UK on Friday with the possibility of facing Bama for the third time this season on Saturday in the semi's.



Out of the teams tied with Bama I don't see any chance Ole Miss gets a win at Mizzou. What kind of UK team shows up in Fayetteville tonight?

A win against Auburn will put Bama in third place with three games remaining if we see UK winning on the road. ESPN's BPI gives UK the same chance of beating Arkansas as they did Bama getting a win at Rupp. It's giving UF a smaller chance to pull an upset in Knoxville.