Football FSU receivers, defensive backs trash talk to raise intensity, foster competition

Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher loves his prideful bunch of wide receivers and defensive backs.

Standout junior safety Derwin James and junior receiver Nyqwan Murray, of Orlando, are the undisputed trash-talking kings of the 2017 Seminoles.

Their voices could be heard loud and clear, chirping back and forth to each other or to teammates in opposite position groups during heated practice sessions throughout spring, offseason and now, the preseason.

Even Fisher, who claims to be the best trash talker of them all during his playing days, gets in on the fun to egg on his players.

“I talked so fast they couldn’t understand or keep up,” Fisher reminisced with a laugh after Tuesday’s practice.

“I was getting three jabs in one. I was like Muhammad [Ali] ― bam, bam, bam.”

As long as the trash talking in practice does not get derogatory or distasteful, Fisher is all for his players getting in each other’s ears.

The verbal jabs get their juices flowing, creating the competitive atmosphere the Seminoles will need during the season opener against Alabama on Sept. 2 and their quest for a national championship this season.

Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, who were notorious for telling opponents what they were going to do to them on the basketball court.

On past Seminoles teams, quarterback Jameis Winston and linebacker Telvin Smith would compete the most during two-minute drills, while running back Devonta Freeman and defensive back Lamarcus Joyner “used to run down the field and fight each other 50 yards away . . . just to feel good,” Fisher said.

If the trash talking gets too heated, Fisher says he has no problem stepping in to ease the tensions. If a player is taking it too hard, he tells them to “go sit down.” But Fisher also wants his players to be prepared for anything opponents throw their way.

“Your greatest competition has to come in practice — it has to,” Fisher said. “Great players want to go against guys they know can beat them or embarrass them, and they have to keep that level up. That’s that inner drive to be great.”

FSU receivers, defensive backs trash talk to raise intensity, foster competition


Riding The Wave
Georgia players were just waiting to taunt the Tide as they came out on the field. I recall a number of Dawgs said they circled the calendar for over a year waiting for this one and even a few seniors came back so they could play in it. I call this one the "pain in the rain."


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You know, I understand that this is a bunch of kids playing a high adrenaline game and trash talk will always be a part of it. However, when this sort of thing gets to be a "story" in the media, I can't help but giggle just a bit. You don't hear about Bama players having to talk each other up for a big game, we just take the field, compete hard and most often, win. FSU, rightfully so, is feeling like the lesser team and needs to do any and everything they can to try and get some momentum and convince themselves that they can compete with us. :smh: