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with Auburn's destruction of UGA, aren't we in the play off now no matter what? How can the Playoff Committee keep us out with only one loss with so many 2+ loss teams out there????
Kansas State had Oklahoma beat, and let them off the hook somehow. That was a disaster in several ways.

Anyone left on Oklahoma schedule ?
Early season loss > late season loss. No one has long term memory anymore.
Plus IF AU is a 2 loss team, but beats Bama does the overall schedule or the head to head match up matter more?


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But I mean, let's face it. If Auburn beats us, they will definitely beat Georgia again. In which case, you have them with two respectable losses to Clemson and LSU but entering the play off with the best November performance in the whole country. They can't kick us out for only losing to Auburn.

Or if we beat Auburn, currently #6, and lose to Georgia in the conference title game ... so what, we have a loss just like everyone else (ours will be to a former #1 and one-loss team). Now I'm assuming Miami and Wisconsin, both currently undefeated, lose their conference title games to Clemson and Ohio St respectively.

I just don't see how we drop out of the top 4. And with all our injuries, I just assume we skip a meaningless conference title game and enjoy some much needed R&R before the play off. Worked well for us in 2011.
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How can the Playoff Committee keep us out with only one loss with so many 2+ loss teams out there????
Easy. Undefeated or 1 loss Big10 Champ Wisconsin. A one loss Clemson/Miami ACC Champ. A one loss Big 12 Champ OU. A one loss UGA SEC Champ. That's a pretty easy scenario keeping Alabama out and I think its accurate.


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If Miami beats Clemson, Clemson is definitely out with 2 losses. But if Clemson barely beats Miami, then you might have a case for both teams in the play off.

OU is the only BigXII team with a chance to make it since both TCU and OkSt already have two losses.

Wisconsin simply isn't going to finish undefeated. And they have universally been criticized as overrated and having a weak schedule. The next highest ranked BigTen team is OhSt with 2 bad losses. So basically the BigTen is out, just like the Pac12.

So basically the play off will include:
  • The winner of Bama vs Auburn and also maybe the loser only if Bama loses respectfully
  • The winner of Clemson vs Miami and also maybe the loser only if Miami loses respectfully
  • OU, only if they win out and get help from Bama winning out (Auburn eliminated with 3 losses and Georgia with 2 losses) and/or Miami winning out (Clemson eliminated with 2 losses)
In summary, the teams will be four of the following five: Alabama, Auburn, Miami, Clemson, OU. Only two of these teams are undefeated, and we are one of them.

Book it, BamaNation. :dance:
If you assume the following:

Auburn SEC champ
Miami ACC champ
Oklahoma 1 loss big 12 champ
Ohio St 2 loss big ten champ

Does 1 loss Alabama get in over Ohio St? This is what it will come down to it auburn win the Iron Bowl.
Could be and should be IMO, who these teams lost to. I don't give a rats ass if it was at the beginning, middle or end of the season, when you lose to a pretty shitty team, that should count against you. You cannot convince me a team that has 2 double digit loses (tOSU) and gets curb stomped by 31 points to a 6-4 football team (Iowa) can make the playoffs. Same for Clemson, If you are national championship caliber, you just don't lose to a Syracuse in football, who are 4-6 with losses to Mid. Tenn. St., & Wake Forest.


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Alabama could pull a Ohio State like scenario, but the stars would have to align. If Bama was upset in the Iron Bowl and finished the season at 11-1 and Georgia gets upset by Kentucky or GaTech and then gets revenge on the barners in the CCG. Alabama would make it over a two-loss Bulldawg team. That's pretty much the way it worked with the buckeyes, who didn't win their division or conference championship but jumped a 2-loss Penn State.
Do you really think Alabama could get in by not winning the SEC or their division to play in the SECCG? Conference championships matter.
Ohio St did last year. Didn't win their division. Got in over a team that beat them because that team, a conference champ, had an extra loss.

I'm this case Alabama would have 1 fewer losses, and Ohio St has 2 blowout losses.


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yall are thinking wrong anyway... Bama is going to shellac the barn. They are blown up in the head. They have a QB that is not exceptional. They lost their big bruiser running back to an injury. They have 1.5 receivers that do anything useful.

UGA got exposed for being "not quite there yet". that is all. The barn is a good team. not great. I have said it from the 2nd game of the season. The barn has one of the best defensive lines in the country. Outside of that, there is nothing exceptional about their team, but they are decent at everything.

They do not have a Ridley type of player. They do not have a Jalen Hurts type player. We have 3 running backs that are better than their starter.

I think this is a game where Alabama's offense shows up big and blasts them... probably through the air a bit more than we would like, but it is going to be fun to watch.
Auburn's defense is legit and better than MSU's Defense. If Bama cannot convert on offense and get first downs whether it be from first, second, or third, we will not win. MSU kept Bama's offense off the field with the ability to convert and not turning the ball over and their defense made stops. I would love to see us "shellac" the Tigers, but I don't see it. It will be a close win. Fortunately, we have history on our side. When the Tigers have won, it has been close. When Bama has won, more often than not it is not close. I also don't ever recall the Tigers "blowing out" the Tide. Offense has to do a better job blocking. When Jaylen steps into the pocket, it must be to throw. Too often he stepped into the pocket and was sacked. I thought Bama played best with Brooks and D. Harris in the backfield with Harris blocking.