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Football This man's obituary is the most Alabama football thing ever

Discussion in 'Fansights' started by rick4bama, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. rick4bama

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    This man’s obituary is the most Alabama football thing ever

    Sadly, Alabama fan Wayne Ledbetter passed away on Saturday evening in Minneapolis, but not without leaving Crimson Tide fans with one last smile.

    That’s because his obituary ended with a joke about not being able to watch the Alabama-Mississippi State game in his hospital room.

    As you can see in his obit on The Huntsville Timeswebsite, Ledbetter “passed away shortly after realizing that the hospital he was in did not have ESPN2 and that he would be missing Alabama Football. Roll Tide.”

    With an obit like that, it’s safe to say Ledbetter provided many laughs for his family and friends over the years. He definitely would have loved to see Alabama’s come-from-behind win over the Bulldogs, too.

    Rest in peace, Wayne. Hopefully they have ESPN2 in heaven (even though Saturday’s game was actually on ESPN).
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  2. MunchyOs

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    That is what I want to do when my time comes. Give a shout out to my Tide on my way out! RIP, Wayne. Thank you for being a part of Bama Nation.
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