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I am a avid Alabama fan, there is not a day something with Alabama isn't on me. My Dads side of the family is from Hamilton Alabama, and it didn't take me long to become a Alabama fan. I have 3 boys, and a lovely wife. One of my sons is named after Coach Paul Bear Bryant.

I got into message boards in the mid to late 90's and that's where I met Porkchop, Porter, Doemasters and the rest of this crew. We all migrated together and formed Crimsontusks. It didn't take long for Doemasters and our crew to merge and become RollTideBama, it was a no brainer.

Our final addition Terryp rounded up a great site and here we are today. We have a solid staff with mods and Global mods, the best on the net. I consider myself lucky to be a part of a site with so many good people.

The one thing we all want out of this site is to have a site for the members, without them there is no site. Our memberbase is very important to us, and as long as they keep reading, we will provide them a site with integrity, truthfulness, and up to date info.



I grew up in Birmingham, but moved south and went to high school in the Mobile area at McGill-Toolen and Daphne High. I received my degree from The University of Alabama in 2007 (same graduating class as Joe Namath). I'm married to a super girl and we currently reside in Tuscaloosa. If I'm at an Alabama football game, on vacation, or spending time with my family and friends, then I'm having a pretty good day.

I've been an Alabama fan all my life and have been talking Tide football with folks on Internet message boards for the last decade. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this site several years ago and have had a lot of fun watching it grow with every season. The staff and member base at is the best on the net. We might get beat by quantity, but not quality.

I've always been a little bit of a recruiting junkie, as I would even buy the old recruiting magazines every year and read them at school all day (while in high school) instead of doing my class work. This has kind of carried over though the years, even though the days of recruiting magazines are all but gone. My dad was a high school football coach when I was born, and throughout much of my childhood, so I guess I was kind of indoctrinated into the sport early on.

While BAMA football is my first love, I also follow all the other Crimson Tide sports pretty closely... especially baseball, basketball, softball, golf, and gymnastics.




I've been a BAMA fan for about as long as I can remember, mostly because I come from a family of BAMA fans. I guess you could say I was born into it. I can't imagine being a fan of any other team.

I currently live in Los Angeles, California, and am a medical assistant by trade. I am married and have two young sons, the older of which (who is 10 years old now) is an avid BAMA fan. So much so that he tried to go trick or treating this past Halloween as Paul "Bear" Bryant.

I've been participating on BAMA message boards since about 1998, and like most people I came into this whole thing as just a "average Joe". A participating member of a particular site. Eventually I was offered jobs by several BAMA sites, and it was when working as an administrator of one particular board that my good friend and fellow administrator Bama1966 began discussing with me the possibility of "trying our hand at this message board thing". I guess you could say the rest is history.

After deciding to own/operate our own site we founded We had a nice member base (mostly of long-time internet friends), but our site was rather bland and visually unappealing. At the time we really didn't possess all of the technical know how that is required to run a great internet site. Coincidentally, one of our friends (and board member) Doemasters had a nice site of his own, possessed the know how, but lacked a stable member base. At that point we all decided that the smart thing to do was pool our resources and join forces in an attempt to create what we hoped would be one of the best "free" sites out there following BAMA athletics. At that point and merged into one site, keeping the name for practical purposes.

All in all, this has been a labor of love for me, and I'm proud of what we've done after striking out on our own. I do think that is one of, if not the best, free BAMA site out there.


Lance "Doemasters" Shores


I was born and raised in Bessemer, Alabama and attended McAdory High School. My love for Alabama sports was sparked by the first game I attended. Alabama defeated rival Auburn in the Classic 315 game 28-17. Coach Paul Bryant became the winningest coach in history of college football that evening and I have been hooked ever since. was started back in 1990 and as stated above merged with a few years later and has grown to become one of the best free Alabama websites out today. Like coach Bryant said, " surround yourself with good people" and that's what we have done. The members make this website what it is today and I thank everyone of them with a big Roll Tide..


Today I work for in finance for the City of Hoover and also film for the Tpmmy Wilcox Outdoor Show, so be sure to tune each week and you might even see me in front of the camera. 


Be sure to look for me at the games and come up and give me a roll tide and let me know what you think of our website.